The suspension system is one of the areas of a car that tends to be the most neglected when it comes to routine maintenance.

A properly maintained suspension and steering system will ensure a smooth, straight ride. If you’re experiencing a bouncy car, noise when driving over bumps, or uneven tire wear, it can be a sign of trouble in your suspension or steering systems. Leaking or worn out struts and shocks; cracked or torn bushings; or bent and broken suspension components not only make for a bumpy ride, they can make your car unsafe.

The most important step in any suspension and steering repair is proper diagnosis. Our professionals have the expertise and years of experience to properly identify and repair any suspension and steering problems your car may have. Some of today’s modern cars are equipped with computer controlled steering components, like electronic steering rack & pinion units and steering angle sensors. At Torque Garage, we have the latest in diagnostic and repair equipment to handle the newest vehicle technology. You can always rely on us to get you back on the road safely.

4×4 Suspension upgrades

We offer offroad suspension upgrades and parts( ARB,Fox and King ) on request.

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