Oem Recommended Maintenance

We use one of the world best leading tools WURTH Germany first time in Pakistan, we value our customers investment that’s why have invested alot in our tools and equipment. Vehicle mechanical repair works with OEM Parts using OEM methods.

It is our promise to provide you with the finest in research, quality, and service to help keep your vehicle running for many years to come. Our qualified technicians, are trained to provide the best expertise on vehicle damage and preventative maintenance.

​We recommend taking a look at the owner’s manual for your car because it will provide the proper maintenance schedule for your specific make and model. Additionally, we suggest you take a look at the following procedures to help prevent future vehicle problems.

​Change the oil and oil filter regularly.(3000km/6 months)
Check all the fluids.
Check the air pressure level in your tires at least once a month.
Make sure all your vehicle lights work properly.
Replace windshield wiper blades periodically.
Inspect the engine belts.
Check the air filter.

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