Engine Repair

Engine Compressions

If engine is running rough or is not producing enough power, you should suspect the compression. Technicians and manufacturers also believe that every time a tune up is done as a part of preventive maintenance, the engine should be given a compression test. With a compression test, internal engine malfunctions, such as due to bad valves, excessive carbon build up, worn out piston rings, can be detected much before they can cause irreparable damage. Being aware of these problems, the owner benefits, as they can make an informed decision whether to sell the vehicle or to invest in repairs.

Engine Repair

Engine replacements should be avoided at all cost, this is because they can be one of the most expensive repairs your can make on your vehicle. However, most engine malfunctions can be easily avoided with proper preventative maintenance. Torque Garage prioritizes your engine health and offers services to prevent the need for future engine replacements.

Engines consist of hundreds of moving parts and electrical systems working in tandem at high temperatures and our expert mechanics can ensure that each component is working correctly and efficiency. We put our engines through alot of abuse every day, the least we can do is provide them with regular maintenance services to keep them functioning.

  • Timing Belt Inspection and Replacements
    Engine Seals and Oil Leak Inspection and replacements
    Engine Fluid Flushes
    Fuel Injection Cleaning/ Replacement
    Engine System Cleaning
    Spark Plug Replacement
    Spark Plug Wire Inspection
    Timing Belt or Timing Chain adjustments
    Other hidden Engine Components Diagnostic
    Air Filter Replacement
    Fuel Filter Replacement
    Ignition System and Wire Repair
    Crank Case Repair
    Fuel and Water Pump Replacements
    Oxygen Sensor Replacement

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